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Used wind power plant without location:
1 x Nordex N54/MK2 [more]
1 x Nordex N43 [more]
1 x AN Bonus 600 [more]
1 x Enercon E40 [more]
1 x Enercon E40 [more]
1 x Enercon E40 6.44 E2 [more]

Used wind power plant with location:
1 x E40 Enercon [more]

Solar power plants

Dach-Anmietung – Wir pachten Ihr Gewerbedach für 20 Jahre… [more]

309 kWp PV-Solar-Power-Plant in Anklam [more]

100 kWp PV-Solar-Power-Plant [more]

50 kWp PV-Solar-Power-Plant [more]

30 kWp PV-Solar-Power-Plant [more]

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